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5 common bankruptcy myths that you shouldn’t believe

Bankruptcy is a powerful legal tool, but it is one that many people do not really understand. There is as much misinformation floating around about bankruptcy as there is accurate information. Arguably, the average person probably knows more myth than legal truths about bankruptcy. The five myths listed below are among those that could have […]

Which bankruptcy should you choose? 3 tips to help you decide

Selecting the type of bankruptcy you should choose might seem difficult, but the truth is that there are some significant differences between the types of bankruptcy that should make it easier for you to choose. The two main types of consumer bankruptcy include Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is best used in […]

Bankruptcy serves as a solution so ignore judgment from others

The worries and stress sometimes overcome you. Extreme financial debt has placed you into a pit that you presume is difficult to climb out from. You want and need to be in a better financial place, but what can you do? Plenty. An initial step is filing for bankruptcy. “Oh, my! I would never do […]

4 signs it’s time to consider bankruptcy

Far too many people consider bankruptcy a last resort. In their minds, they equate Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy with a failure of financial responsibility. In fact, the Bankruptcy Code was written in anticipation of hardworking Americans facing overwhelming debt due to circumstances beyond their control. From job loss and divorce to medical bills […]

Some debts remain after personal bankruptcy, but you can manage

Filing for bankruptcy likely provides the springboard for your new financial beginning. Your debt and financial struggles proved to be a wake-up call, and you clearly understood that certain behaviors in your life had to change, namely your spending habits. And now that you have taken the necessary step, you wonder just how much of […]

The difference between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a safety rope that can save many people from crippling financial debts. There are multiple forms of bankruptcy, and each of them offers different benefits and drawbacks. If you are considering bankruptcy, how can you be sure which option is right for you? Despite how difficult it may seem to decide between bankruptcy […]

Have you heard these 3 common bankruptcy myths?

It’s no question that filing for bankruptcy can be a stressful time in a person’s life. However, there are many misconceptions that may permeate your mind when it comes to bankruptcy which makes it seem scarier than it really is. Myth #1: You’ll lose all your possessions, including your home Many people fear bankruptcy because […]

Bankruptcy may eventually improve your credit score

There should be more to life than constantly struggling to pay monthly bills. Unfortunately, even if you manage to make payments on time, an emergency expense may leave you with a tremendous amount of debt. You probably do not have to bear the anxiety that comes with financial insecurity, though. On the contrary, filing for […]

Recovering financial stability after bankruptcy

If you are struggling with an overwhelming amount of debt, filing for bankruptcy may provide a chance for you to start fresh and regain control of your financial situation. Once you go through the legal process of filing for bankruptcy in Wisconsin, you may wonder how long it will take to become financially stable again. […]

How do you know when to file for bankruptcy?

There are many reasons why people might choose to file for bankruptcy. Knowing when to consider this option is important because you don’t want to file if you don’t need to, but you shouldn’t wait too long. There are some specific cases in which filing is the best option that you have. Some of the […]