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This was a difficult decision for us to go through with this bankruptcy. We had so many questions and Tim Helbing informed us so well that we didn’t have the list of questions to ask anymore. He made us feel comfortable with our decision. He explained every question we had to the fullest. I would highly recommend him.
Jen Janusiak
Tim helped our family through a tough time and I would highly recommend choosing him. He always responded timely and answered all of our questions. He was always there to help after the bankruptcy discharge to give you tips how to rebuild your credit. Also, he helped us fix a problem with our credit report that was reporting something incorrectly.
Nick Boesen
Tim was great to work with. I had an unfortunate situation where I had to file bankruptcy due to medical bills from two emergency surgeries and a lapse in medical insurance. Tim was very helpful from the start. He was professional, made me feel at ease, and answered all of my questions. This was a couple years back and I needed some help recently with a couple items I needed to take care of with the courts. He was as responsive now as he was from the start and I can't put into words how grateful I am to work with him and the work he's done for me so far. Thank you Tim!
Christine Meyer
Tim was very helpful from day one. He showed me my options and explained the entire process. When ever we had a question he was there. We successfully finished our case and still if I have a question he is there with a answer when possible. I highly recommend his services.
Dallas Britt
I couldn't be happier than I was with Helbing Law Office. Bankruptcy can be a tough time and you need someone who is going to guide you through it. Whether it was taking the time in our initial meeting to understand my situation or getting back to me right away when I had a question, Tim was exactly what I needed. When you are going through this you want to feel like someone has your back and that is exactly how I felt with Tim.
Jake Malzahn
He made it simple, convenient, and didn’t make us feel ashamed for the position we were in. It was very difficult for us to go to a bankruptcy attorney, making the call was the hardest thing we have ever done. That is where the difficult part ended. Our very first conversation with attorney Helbing put us at ease. He was to the point, explained everything, and didn’t waste our time. He made sure that we filed the correct bankruptcy; we had no idea there were so many different types of bankruptcy. Since our bankruptcy we have been able to start our life over without all the stress and burden of the horrendous medical debts and life debts accumulated since my husbands illness and consecutive injury.

Trust me, filing for bankruptcy was one of the most embarrassing things we ever thought about doing. Making that first call and realizing that the thought of it was embarrassing, not the call itself. Our first call to attorney Helbing put us at ease and broke the ice to giving us an entirely different future then the one we were currently headed towards. The reality is that it actually saved my husbands life, and helped us create a better future together.

Attorney Helbing has been highly recommended by many people, but until you have the experience to actually work with him, you truly can’t understand how picking the right attorney can make all the difference. This is a huge decision for anyone to make. Making sure you have chosen the right attorney to have your best interest at the forefront of all his decisions, is the best decision you will ever make, and that attorney is Timothy Helbing.

Good luck to all who read this. It is a difficult decision, and if you are reading this then you know it’s time to do what needs to be done. This will give you your life back, and your health. May you have the strength and wisdom to know it’s ok, bankruptcy isn’t a bad thing, sometimes it’s the only thing. ❤️
Yooper Made
Helbing Law office was wonderful to work with. Tim is very knowledgeable and efficient. He was extremely helpful through this process and made sure everything went smoothly. I highly recommend!
Amber Putzer
Tim helped us through a bad time. At our first meeting he was patient and informative as he guided us through the process. He is a great communicator and was there for us throughout. I highly recommend Tim.
Bob Appleby
Mr. Helbing is truly a professional and I am grateful for his services. He is extremely knowledgeable and best of all a good, trustworthy and kind man. I couldn’t recommend him more!
Michelle Allaire
Tim was very professional and very knowledgeable. He always answered emails promptly. What I liked most is he was patient with you, I decided to make a change late on and it was seamless. Highly recommended.
Damon Sanderson
Great experience with Attorney Helbing. Told us what was going to happen, how it was going to happen and it went just like he said. No hidden costs. Up front on his pricing. Really enjoyed working with him.
Allan Blair
Very easy to work with! Mr. Helbing explained everthing in detail and was very professional. We highly recommend him!
Donna W.
My husband and I went to Tim for help were were struggling and didn’t know what to do. Tim showed us all of our options and helped us every step of the way.
Crystal Valdez
He was always available to answer any questions I had. Very easy to work with and explains everything! I highly recommend!
Sarah Gorges
Very professional and helpful. Tim is excellent at what he does, sure helped me out. 🙂
Shane Feil
Great job on our case! Very quick to respond and answered all questions!
Kelly Mulholand