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Company to reopen plant making cosmetics

Companies that look to restructure following major setbacks or debt problems often turn to bankruptcy filings and proceedings to help with debt relief or to provide the time needed to reinvent the organization. This restructuring can affect things as critical as a company’s main product and business plan, resulting in a different operation than before […]

Designer bounces from bankruptcy to the runway

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult undertaking for many people. In this economy, however, many families are looking for any kind of debt relief. Although the bankruptcy process may be upsetting, there is hope after a bankruptcy is discharged. Designer Betsey Johnson discovered this after celebrating her first fashion show after bankruptcy during Fashion Week. […]

Don’t let these bankruptcy myths affect your decision

It’s never easy to find yourself thinking about bankruptcy, as this means your finances are in bad shape. However, if it’s the best way to regain financial control, it’s an idea you absolutely need to consider. There are many bankruptcy myths that can affect the decisions you make, so you need to beware of these […]

Debt collector got it wrong, court rules

There are few things more tenacious that an unpaid student loan. The U.S. Department of Education pulls out all the stops to collect from borrowers who default on loans that it guarantees. People who file for bankruptcy often discover those loans are still hanging around when a collection agency comes knocking on the door. Discharging […]

What creditors can’t do to you

A creditor, a person who owns your debt, has a legitimate right to attempt to collect on that debt. But just because they have a right to get their money doesn’t mean they have the right to treat people however they want. Let’s be very clear on something right up front: creditor harassment is prohibited […]

News For You: We’re Now Serving Green Bay

We at Helbing Law Offices are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our team is excited to begin serving clients in the Green Bay area, helping them recover from their financial issues and begin with a fresh start. Why Work With A Local Attorney? Many of the bankruptcy […]

Is there any relief for student loans?

There is a prevailing myth that student loan debt is impossible to discharge or mitigate. While it is true that student loan debt is very difficult to deal with compared to other debts, it is not true that no relief is possible.  If you struggle with seemingly insurmountable student loan debt, there may be some […]

Claims of fraud in bankruptcy cases

When you choose to file for bankruptcy, you have to list all of the debts that you have in your name. This means that you can’t pick and choose which ones are going to be part of the case. Because of this, you have to think about how this will impact your life by looking […]

Repayment plans must be taken seriously in bankruptcy

A person who is overwhelmed by debt is likely going to try to find some relief. For some, the only reasonable option is to file for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, there are negative connotations associated with filing for bankruptcy because some people believe this gives you a free way out of all your debt. However, many people […]

How do you know when to file for bankruptcy?

There are many reasons why people might choose to file for bankruptcy. Knowing when to consider this option is important because you don’t want to file if you don’t need to, but you shouldn’t wait too long. There are some specific cases in which filing is the best option that you have. Some of the […]